Here Goes…

For a while now I’ve struggled to find a new hobby. I had no idea what I could try that wasn’t completely out of the box for me. After having a cousin and a close friend publish books recently, I remembered that I once enjoyed writing. There have been topics I’d like to address but Facebook didn’t quite seem to be the appropriate venue and no one else will ever read my personal journal (not a diary but a journal, I’m over 16). So, I asked a few FB friends if they would read my blog if I decided to write one. I remember thinking, “If I get atleast 10 people to like or comment on my status I’ll do it.” I didn’t expect anyone to notice the post, much less comment on it. Well, I got about 11 likes and 3 comments. So here I am. One friend asked what my blog would be about. At first I wasn’t quite sure. After much thought I realized it would be about me AND you. I have learned over the past few years that many of the people I cross paths with find themselves in the same situations, feel the same feelings and think the same thoughts but are nervous or skeptical about sharing with others. Revealing my own thoughts to someone else to find out that I’m not crazy or alone has helped me a time or 2 (or 10). Hopefully this will be a place for us to think, share, cry, feel, laugh (a lot) and most importantly, grow together. I also hope that this blog will serve as documentation of my own spiritual, intellectual and emotional growth. Last but not least it is my sincere hope that you (and I) will get to know the real Carla B.

P.S. I’m still learning this Word Press thing. I’ll put up pics and stuff up soon 🙂

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