Happy Daddy’s Day!

I just wanted to take the time to wish all the Daddies “Happy Daddy’s Day.” As a “Daddy’s girl” I know the value of having a father that is present and active in his children’s lives. Unfortunately we live in a society where some men feel as though their presence is optional. There are far too many children with the lack of a father figure. For most of us, it is absurd that someone would choose to rob their own flesh and blood of a relationship that should nurture and guide the child into adulthood and beyond. While many of us know fathers (donors) like these, I would like to call your attention to some other fathers. There are real men in the world willing to step in to help raise children that are not biologically their own. They provide, care for and nurture these children as if they were their own. Even if the relationship between themselves and the child’s mother isn’t the best or even ends, they continue to be there for the child as they had committed. I personally know 3 such men who have committed and are doing an awesome job nurturing and loving children that have become their own. I appreciate, admire and respect them. I wish there were more men like them.

So a “Happy Daddy’s Day” to all the men that are Daddies (both biologically and otherwise);  the ones that make bottles and change diapers, help with homework, teach kids to ride bikes, work over-time to pay for braces/proms/college and attend every major (and minor) event. To all the Uncles, Granddads/PopPops, Godfathers and Big Brothers that are ever-present figures in a child’s life, we take this opportunity to encourage, thank and honor you!!

And an extra special “Happy Daddy’s Day” to my own Daddy!! I love you burnches (yes, burnches)! – Baby C

One thought on “Happy Daddy’s Day!

  1. Exceptional write in this. The message needs to be shared more with those who seem to always see the negative in the world. The fathers who are standing up to their responsibility would definitely appreciate this acknowledgment.

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