Am I Making Sense?


As usual this topic has been inspired by the everyday lives of my family, friends as well as myself. Lately there seems to be an epidemic of sorts concerning communication or the lack thereof.   Communication is an important component in any successful relationship. Be it romantic, parent to child, employer to employee, communication is the key.

Generally when we speak of communication we start with the person giving the information or expressing an emotion.  We often find fault with that person for being unclear or not giving the information at all.  The older I get, the more I value effective communication. I can often be heard asking, “Am I making sense?” I always want to be sure that I am expressing all that I am trying to say and that it is easily understood. But there is another side, the hearer/receiver. While the person initiating the communication has the task of presenting the thought or instruction clearly it is the responsibility of the receiver to be sure he or she has correctly heard and interpreted the information given. At work I tend to repeat what has been asked of me, either by my fellow associates or customers, to ensure them that I’ve heard and also to be sure I am doing what is being asked.

“But communication is two-sided – vital and profound communication makes demands also on those who are to receive it… demands in the sense of concentration, of genuine effort to receive what is being communicated.” Roger Sessions

Effective communication is a wonderful solution and can even prevent problems. With communication there may come a time you have to own up to irresponsible behaviors. In the grand scheme of things, how much better will the situation be for all involved if everyone is honest, cooperative and communicative? How many marriages could have been saved, debts repaid or friendships mended if one or both parties had committed to having open communication with the other? Even in our spiritual lives God requires communication. In our daily prayer and devotional lives we are communicating the Father, seeking his will for our lives and expressing our love and gratitude toward Him.

I don’t claim to be the best at communication, but I do believe in its ability to help us learn about each other. I know that I can get better at it, especially since I had a hard time expressing my thoughts on this topic, lol. It is my desire that we all practice the art of effective communication. It could significantly improve our relationships with everyone around us.


One thought on “Am I Making Sense?

  1. Any conversation that remains one-sided is a monologue. Everybody needs to learn proper communication skills. It is nice to know that you have taken interest in making sure that your social skills are up to par. May the readers of this take heed to what you have said.

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