Don’t Judge a Facebook by its Cover…

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If you know me, you know that I like Facebook. I can be found most evenings sitting in front of my laptop keeping up with family and friends. Ok, I’m addicted, lol. I love being able to comment on the pictures of growing little ones and “like” inspirational, funny or witty posts. The social media site allows me to stay connected to those I rarely talk and those I talk to all the time. It is a great resource for bringing people together (and if misused it can also tear people apart, but that’s another topic). But then there’s something else that can happen while on FB. There are times when the seemingly awesome lives of my friends remind me of what is lacking in my life. Posts like, “Kids are finally sleep. Time for QT with the hubby.” Or Flower pics with the caption, “Look at what was delivered to my office today, just because!”   Even the vacation statuses, “The weather in [insert your fav tropical getaway here] is so beautiful!” Followed by the self-taken photo on the beach! I begin to go into “Woe is me, I want a man, new job, more money…”

Then I remembered something. There were times when I posted what was almost the exact opposite of my life. When my ex-husband and I were going through issues, I would post a picture of us as my profile pic. As often as I could I would mention him in my status, “Watching TV with the hubby.” What I neglected to mention was that we weren’t speaking to each other. We were really just in the same room watching TV not spending quality time together. Looking at my FB page no one could tell that our marriage was on the brink of separation and ultimately divorce. I can remember a time after he had moved out and having someone comment on how beautiful we looked together. That hurt.

The grass isn’t always greener…

Am I saying no one’s posts are real? Of course I’m not. I’m just saying that social media allows us to depict our lives in whatever way we choose. Just because the pics are sweet doesn’t mean the relationship/ situation is. We need to remember that no one’s life is perfect and we all have to weather a storm or 2. We must continue to be thankful that we are blessed to be living, breathing, working and loving. I know my life isn’t perfect but I certainly don’t want to spend it being envious of everyone else’s.

6 thoughts on “Don’t Judge a Facebook by its Cover…

  1. Your green grass grows red in my garden. Perfect illustration of how perception is the greatest illusion. There are many who need to read this.

  2. Love this! Its hard to be honest, but you just don’t know how much someone needed this. Life isn’t always pretty and you never should befriend envy or jealousy because you don’t know the truth behind the picture! Keep doing this and being an open book!

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