Club Chuck???

       Let me paint the scene for you… The music is bumpin’. Long line at the door. Ladies in 5 inch heels, wearing low-cut/see-through tops and painted on pants. There’s an altercation at the door that spills into the parking lot. Sounds like a Friday night at the club right? Wrong. Sadly this was this a Saturday afternoon at Chuck E. Cheese. I couldn’t believe the way that many of these “parents” were dressed and acted. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t expect Clair Huxtable or Carl Winslow but some of these outfits were straight out of a music video. I almost felt undressed in my shirt, jeans and tennis. There was even an incident where a woman was upset that my friend and son tried to help her crying, unattended toddler.

The most upsetting part of the day was the altercation at the door between 2 young men. I’m not sure what lead to the argument but they were face to face with one trying to stay calm and other men around reminding the aggressor that there were too many children around. Well, the time it took me to get across the room and back there were people hovering about the windows and running to and from the door watching a full on brawl in the parking lot. When I heard of the nonsense I quickly let my friends know, we rounded up our children and left.

As a young hard-working mother of 2, I was absolutely disgusted by what we witnessed that afternoon. We were there to allow our children to run and play to their heart’s content. But our day was cut short the ridiculousness of irresponsible “adults.” I really wish people would think more about our kids. They should not be exposed to so many of the images they see everyday. When will we as parents, guardians, family members, society realize that our children are watching our every move? The chaos that surrounds our children is disrupting their development and teaching them the very things they don’t need to know.

I pray that all those who were involved in yesterday’s altercation are safe and will come to a realization that we need to show our children a better example of how to carry ourselves.

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