A Story I Won’t Soon Forget

I have the awesome pleasure *insert sarcasm here* of working with the public. Over the past 7 years I’ve heard a million and 10 stories about any and everything you could imagine. Last week, I heard a story that was very different from any that I had heard prior to that day. An older woman came to me looking a little lost and confused. She seemed to have so much on her mind. I blurted out the required greeting and began assisting her with whatever it was she needed. She was very kind, moved a little slow but that comes with age. Just before she left she asked if she could tell me a story about her husband. I braced myself for one of the usual stories about husbands who never listen or maybe some funny little something he had done. I truly wasn’t expecting what she had to tell me.

The 2 of them were getting ready to run an errand at a local pharmacy, as they had done so many times before. This time she had to go back to get something from their bedroom that she had forgotten. While she was preparing to leave he called to her from the hallway and began to tell her the most beautiful and loving words a wife could ever hear from her husband. He told her how much he loved her and what a great wife she had been to him over the years. He thanked her for all the she had done for him and their family. I can only imagine the joy and love that must have felt hearing the words so many women long to hear come from their husbands’ mouthes. She turned for a brief moment to grab that last-minute item before they left and as she turned back, he was gone. His last words were of gratitude, love and respect for his wife.

My co-workers and I went back and forth over the story after she left. We wondered if he sensed that this was his last opportunity to tell her what she meant to him. Or had he planned to tell her earlier in the day? May be she said or did something that day that reminded him of all of the wonderful times they had shared. I wondered whether it was in his character to compliment her or was this something completely out of the ordinary?

Whatever the case may have been, his words left a lasting impression on his wife and anyone that will hear this story. Now, I ask you to imagine that you have one chance left to tell your loved ones exactly what they mean to you. What would you say?  Let’s make it a point to tell our loved ones as often as possible how much we love, appreciate and respect them. (I know this is a little cliché, but I think it’s something worth hearing over and over again.) We never know if it will be our last opportunity.

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